Thursday, March 29, 2007

Blogs on myspace.

I don't know why people do it. Why post a blog on myspace of all places. Why? Even more so why post a blog about one of your friends when they are on your friends list. Why blog about me!?

Ok no names, but I am going to quote the blog. First I'll give you some background story. We all love background stories, don't we?

Ok well as most of y'all know. I'm going to be moving in about 6 weeks. So, I wanted to go to Magic Mountain before I left with some of my friends. The park is 203 mi (about 3 hours 4 mins) away. It makes for a nice full day to drive there and back.

So far 2 friends are just about all set to go. Then I called the 4th one. Told her the what, where, when, who, and how. I'm keeping this simple and well for me. I want to do it. I don't have a lot of free weekends left 'till I go. I also didn't really think she would be up for going on the rides so she might not want to go. No biggie, life goes on.

Well One of my Friends that is going called me and asked if I seen her blog. Yup, it's about me. Here is it.

This is an actual situation that happened:

Got invited to go be a part of some crazy insane crap; sadly I have other junk going on that may make that difficult if not impossible. Sooooo I decided to tell the "planner" I needed some time to make a decision. The response that I got back was that I would be missed..... up until that first somewhat enjoyable, albeit idiotic, yahoo jump. Then it would be " what... you mean someones missing?!?"

What I am wondering is this:
What is the BEST way to kick the hell out of someone so
clueless they don't even know they are that way?

Yeah, I did say she would be missed if she didn't go. We all have been friends for years now. Since my college days. So, eh.

Ha! I thought about replying to her. But, I'll play nice and just talk about her behi.....I'm not even talking about her. This is what she said.

I'm still friends with her. It just seems kinda odd. I didn't really think of my self as clueless. Maybe just someone who doesn't care. No, I do care. Just set in my ways I guess. Not going to take the time to read between some lines to see what you are really saying.

It's simple: going or not going. Oh well.

I needed something good to blog about anyways. I've been going amuck with my Mobile posting.


RockDog said...

First off, the first problem is that you are trying to rationalize with a woman...LOL!

I enjoy confronting my friends when they do petty bullshit stuff like this...this is like an elementary school thing...instead of just emailing/calling you, she got all philosophical on a's so yesterday.

You're clearly the bigger person by still being a friend and realizing that it is nothing...

Have a good weekend!

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

What a bitch!

Although I have a MySpace page *hangs head in shame* I hardly ever blog on it and when I do I usually put a link to my real blog up.

Chucky said...

Yeah I think I'm going to have to reply to her.

I'll wait a day or so and see if I still want to or not.

Chucky said...

Well she deleted her blog from myspace. Good thing I still got my copy.

Now it just makes me want to leave the comment:

"So, What is the BEST way to kick the hell out of someone so
clueless they don't even know they are that way?"

And just leave it at that. Heck, I'm going to. Well, send her a message.

Message sent! The very least she should be able to back up what she blogs about.

Anonymous said...

LOL! What an asshole way to reply to her about that stupid blog she posted! I love drama.

Anonymous said...

( i know its days late) but i hope you left something nice...


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