Wednesday, March 14, 2007

A little oops

This morning I was working real hard. In doing so I was hanging out in the warehouse (Where house? There house!) We were talking about Josie and about people just fucking up their jobs. That is when we came to the conclusion that if you were to fuck up, might as well just man up to it.

...a little later that afternoon...

I was installing some blinds in a new home. They were left out for one reason or another. So there I was. Taking my time not to take too much time ;). Put the boxes by the windows. Opened up the box and started installing the hardware. Simple enough right. Oh wait...I got the ladder and opened that up next to the window. Then I installed the hardware.

So there I was installing the hardware... just kidding.

I get off the ladder to move it to the other side. That's when I see....IT. You know the IT you don't like to see. You know that little "this is not a step" thingy for a paint bucket or a drill or even a place for you shoe while you stand on it to reach a few more inches so you don't have to move the ladder and do the job right. yeah...that one. Well I guess it was too close to the window sill and might have just knocked some of the plaster junk off so there was a 3 inch wide by about 5/16 of an inch tall. That area was just metal no paint or anything. That was all on the carpet.

At first I thought about just cleaning up and walkin' away and leave it for someone else. hey! I'm only human. Then I thought about it. The superintendent has already walked the house. He knows that we have to come out and get the job done. He knows that wasn't there before.

So I called my window covering supervisor. Ya know...Professor X. And that convo went a little something like this:

"Hey man, I made a little oops."
"what happened?"
"well, I knocked some of the plaster drywall stuff off the window sill area"
"you mean on the frame area?"
"Well, maybe you should leave the blind on the floor so they can fix it."
"No, it's on the bottom. They can lift it up to fix it."
"Oh. Well thanks for telling me...We didn't see anything."
"Roger that..."

Holy fuck, we didn't see anything? He didn't ask how big of an area or anything. Just we didn't see it?! That's fucking crazy. It's not like I broke a ceramic tile while nailing down some tact strip. Or crack that SAME tile twice by two different people after it was fixed the first time.

This is just a simple retexture and paint. Simple.

It just tossed me for a loop...we didn't see anything. What an idiot.

oh on other news. I got a cat brush. You know for my cat.


Bardouble29 said...

X is so.....sooo...just, you know what I mean!!!!

My kitty cat has a brush too! Have you decided what you are gonna do with yours when you leave to go to school? My offer is still there to take her.

Chucky said...

Yeah. I think you're going to be the winner of my kitty cat.

That way I can call you up and be like "what is she doing now?....and now?....and now?"

Bardouble29 said...

Cool, I can handle that!!! Tiger needs a sister anyways!

The Lone Beader said...

Well, he didn't actually LOOK at it, so I guess he DIDN'T see your little 'oops'. But, YOU did... LOL=:)

Anonymous said...

who the fk is Josie?

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

Congrats on being able to man up and walk your talk.

I hope your cat likes the brush.

Dirk_Star said...

The truth be told...

Hello old friend. It has been a rough couple of months in the Bauman household. Felicia has been in a bit of pain as the pelvis begins to separate in advance of the baby arriving in late April.

Stop by and say hello?

RockDog said...

"Roger That..."

Someday I am going to say this! I like th way it rolls off my tongue.

Kati said...

Geeze.... talk about ethics! Well, you did the right thing, even if your boss is an unethical bone-head.

Give your cat a scritch under the chin from me!


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