Friday, January 11, 2008

i'm a jerk

so today is my birthday, but only in the land of myspace. i changed my birthday to january 11. why did i do this you might find yourself asking? well why not? i also like the fact that all my "friends" got an e-mail saying it's my birthday.

i'm going to have a birthday again next month, maybe even two :-)


Samantha_K said...

So when is your birthday for real? Mine's coming up...Hmm...I should blog about that.

Joshua said...

for real june 24

here are pictures of last years birthday

lonesterdog said...

U r not a jerk. Happy b-day!

Joshua said...

Thanks....but like I said, not my real birthday

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

Yeah well no more birthday wishes from me until your real one rolls around again. :-P

Lady Sage™ said...

Omg, I was seriously confused. I even asked a few ppl... haha!

It's June, right? (At least that is what I have in my PDA)



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