Monday, November 12, 2007

One shot....One kill

My dad was in the Air Force ROTC. He wanted to be a kc-135 refueler pilot. Well turns out he has asthma so it was going to be a desk job or get out. He got out. I was thinking about the Air Force for years and years it seems like. I went there a part of my life where I wanted to be a f-16 pilot. I remember thinking that I had the right body size for that. Kind of makes me wonder what my life would be like now if I would have really tried at all for that.

Then I went through some time where I thought I would be cool to be a sniper. Hell, I still do think it would be cool. To be able to take someone out half a mile away. wow. How different this blog would be if I went down that path.

For awhile I wanted to be an officer, then I didn't want to go through that much college.

So yeah. I was thinking about the military a LOT. And look how it all turned out. Even when I was getting out of the Air Force I was talking and checking out if I would be able to go into the Army as a Combat Engineer (21B).

Some of your duties as a Combat Engineer may include:
  • Constructing trails, roads and field fortifications such as shelters, bunkers and gun emplacements
  • Assembling floating or prefabricated bridges
  • Operating various light or heavy engineer vehicles
  • Placing and detonating explosives
  • Loading, unloading and moving supplies and equipment using planes, helicopters, trucks and amphibious vehicles
  • Operating or serving as a crewmember on a combat engineer vehicle, armored vehicle launch bridge or an armored combat earthmover
  • Preparing and installing firing systems for demolition and explosives
  • Locating mines by visual means or by using a mine detector
Well that didn't work as planned. Kinda glad that one didn't work out. It is kinda scary going from military to....not military any more.

So today is Veterans Day. I don't feel much like a vet. I don't think I did anything worth while. Sure I get VA health care, VA loan, and even a flag over my coffin when that day comes. Though, I just don't feel it.


The Lone Beader said...

I once wanted to be a fighter pilot, but my eyesight isn't so good...

captain corky said...

I don't really connect with Veteran's Day all that much. I appreciate what all the vets did for us though.

My father was in the Army during Vietnam but he was assigned to Japan. He was really lucky!

Aunt Jackie said...

You know I'm training to become a cage fighter... Dang! (I know, out of context) ;)

I never went into the military myself, but probably should have...

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

Just because you didn't see combat does not make you any less of a vet or your service to your country meaningless. Thank you.


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