Sunday, November 23, 2008


This is something I don't under stand.

Why do I have to tip the pizza delivery person? Heck, they charged me extra to bring it here. The first girl couldn't even find the place.

It feels like I am making up for them not being paid as they should. It isn't my fault they are getting paid minumin wage. I was talking to a friend about this just today. They work for a pizza place in fact. Needless to say we didn't really agree on the topic at hand.

I still tipped the person. I know it doesn't cost $21 to make a large pizza. And about this large.....14 inches! geez. it looks like a medium.

And the person that cuts my hair. Why do they get tips? For doing a good job? How about fire them if they suck. It takes something like 15 minutes to cut my hair and it cost $15. I'm not even big on doing the dinky little small talk. Just cut my hair with out messing it up and I'll leave.

If I go eat at Ihop and it cost $20ish then the next week I eat at the MGM grand only this time it cost $60.
If I get the SAME service at both places, I think I should leave the SAME tip. All they did was refill a soda, water, beer a few times. No rocket science here.

Geez. So not fair.

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