Sunday, November 23, 2008

Pictures of off shore goodness

I ended up taking some pictures with my phone while I was out and about the barge.

I this this was a sun set. Yeah... that's it.

Who's this good looking guy?

Another sun set....they all start to look the same

This is where we ended the pipe job at. Well, at that platform. That is two things you're looking at there. The bigger thing on the left if a jack up platform (I guess drilling a new well or something) the smaller half is the platform.

There are four of these davids along the side of the barge. They are used for picking up the pipe for a repair or things like that. I have yet to see them in use.

This is a 121 foot long stinger. This is the end that the pipe comes out of and enters the water. I got to look around that on my dive.

This is the R.O.V. It didn't really work out as well as they had hopped it would.

This is one of the many 30,000 pound anchors. There are 2 of them off at each corner of the barge.


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