Saturday, November 15, 2008

44 days later...

....I am back on dry land!

Well I got back earlier this week, just haven't stopped by here yet

Like I said above, I spent 44 days from when I left til I got back. That is 6 weeks and 2 days. A month and a half. I wouldn't say I worked every day, but I was on the clock none the less. I guess I didn't leave on the best of terms. I kind of burnt that bridge so to speak. In the same breath that the boss man said that I was the best out of us three new guys and have shown the most initiative, he would never work with me again.

Here's the story.

The first 4 and a halfish weeks there is wifi access on the barge. Great! Due to the all steel walls it only goes out about 10 feet from the room that has the wireless router. I had a nice little spot outside where I could log on and just relax for an hour or two after shift. Work wasn't hard, but it's all I had to do. Then one day they turned it off. So it goes off for a few days, but nothing is ever said as to WHY is went off. So I asked about it in the morning safety meeting. Turns out it is for business use only now. WTF Over!

That pissed me off. I wouldn't mind it if there was just no access to start with. God forbid that the Superintendent didn't get 20 phone calls from his wife a day and I'm sure none of these business people are checking person e-mails or anything like that. So why the fuck take it away? Why the fuck is your communication more important than mine? It's true, they did have a public computer, but a hamster in a wheel has more computing power than this computer did. Oh and tell me just how many pages you could load on a slower than dial up Internet connection in 15 minutes.

So after all that went down I put my name on the list to go home. Ha! my boss didn't take that very well. I couldn't believe it seems he was getting mad at me. So, I told him I'd think about it for a day and took my name off the list. Well, that night I ended up waiting an hour and half to check my e-mail. That wasn't going to fly. I told the boss that night I was going to put my name back up on the list.

Well I ended up leaving about 3 days before the job was finished. Could I have stayed out there, sure. I just didn't want to. So the company had to send a hot-shot to come and pick me up. I work for one of the, if not THE, biggest diving company in the world I don't think they are going to go broke over having to pick me up.

So yeah, that boss isn't going to ask for me on any of his jobs anymore.

In a way it works out. I'll be working barges or over seas jobs, nothing I really want to be working on right now. If I don't work on another pipe lay barge until I become a diver I wouldn't have any regrets.

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