Saturday, October 18, 2008

Life at sea

Well I'm still out here. We still haven't start laying any pipe down. I've been looking at a different dive hat. One that I think I am going to have to take a look and see. It is a 6 hour drive but I think it'll be worth it. The more and more that I read about it, the more that I am liking what I read. it is almost 1000 cheaper, but that isn't the reason I want it. This hat might just be a little part of history in 15 years from now.

The Kirby Morgan has about an 80-90% of the market share while this guy has 20 hats at most out in use. In fact that this model that he has out are the first two that he has made. So 15 years from now I can say I had one of his first.

Well I've been up here for about 3 and a half or four hours now maybe I should go back down to where I should be "working" at.

Going on 3 weeks without really doing any work.

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