Friday, August 22, 2008

Off Shore again. This time on a different boat.

Well I am off shore again. (For those of you that don't read titles). This boat is about 50 feet longer a few more people and works 24 hours a day. I'll be working the night shift that is noon to midnight. Being that this boat has two crews on it I'm not going to get as much overtime on this boat. I'll only be getting 84 hours a week.

This boat also has 4 anchors. What that means that it can keep itself in place with out having to be tied up to a platform or something. The room I'm in is HUGE I got 3 other people (well 2 work the day shift) 4 wall lockers, 2 sets of bunks and all this in a nice big 7 x 12 room well give or take a lil.

oh oh I guess I should also blog about the phone call I got to get this job. So it turns out that people like to call me while I'm helping a diver get out of the water, it happened twice today AND I only helped two people get out of the water! Geez people!

Ok back to the story. So this person calls two times (today number is 2 ha! ha!) didn't leave a message, but the area code was from the area I work. So I called it back. It was a good thing that did. He needed a person a.s.a.p. he even asked if I had my gear in my car with me ready to go. I told him that it was at my apartment and that was just a few miles away. He told me to go get it and come back right away.

I know I forgot a few things: watch, sandals, some other things. My goal when I get back is to buy all the extra stuff I need that way I can just keep my bag packed. I did keep most of the stuff together, just dumped out on my floor :P

I hope that this job will last me 4 weeks. I just love them pay checks.

Any of you 4 people that read this have any questions about what I do?

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