Sunday, March 30, 2008

Well I said I'll do it

Guess I should say a little something something of what my weekend was like.

Well Saturday morning I helped a friend of mine move. It wasn't bad 9 - 2:15ish.

Hummm silly girls. Where would this blog be without them. Gah even as I'm typing this. I guess I'll just have to marry the first non-silly girl I find.

Should I sent a "hello thar" even if I would say that the odds of getting nothing back are around 15 our of 10.

Oh well silly boy sent the message. No harm done to me. :P

Ok so back on topic.

After helping my friend move I went back to the school to help the people working there. I would say I was working, but really it was more like volunteering. Seeing as "working" means that you are getting paid. But it is still a great chance to learn and to stand out above all the losers that didn't show up. It was just the A-team helping today. Well and the guys that do in fact work with the company doing all the work. I didn't end up diving, but that's ok.

Oh I should also update my resume.

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