Saturday, March 22, 2008

OCD for boobies

And this is how I found out. A friend of mine told me. It went a little something like this.

The names have been changed to protect the guilty.

Edit: in fairness here is the whole story. Just edited to make me look cooler :)

[14:58] Joshua: as much as I change subjects you'd think I was ADD
[14:58] Not-Mark: naw
[14:58] Not-Mark: just schiophrenic ;)
[14:59] Joshua: you can't just make up words
[14:59] Not-Mark: lol
[14:59] Joshua: 1) making up words 2) misspelled it
[15:00] Not-Mark: Schizophrenic... happy now?
[15:00] Joshua: much better with that Z
[15:00] Joshua: but I made you look it up :P
[15:01] Not-Mark: yes, you did
[15:02] Joshua: chronic problems with behavior and emotion!
[15:02] Joshua: just what are you trying to say?
[15:02] Joshua: clinical depression?
[15:02] Joshua: geez
[15:03] Joshua: soclial problems?
[15:03] Joshua: holy cow woman!
[15:03] Not-Mark: There's many different kinds
[15:03] Not-Mark: One of the symptoms is stringing along random facts :P
[15:03] Joshua: you just shortened my life by 10 - 12 years on avg
[15:04] Joshua: thanks a lot
[15:04] Joshua: high suicide rate
[15:04] Not-Mark: and you have a 10% chance of commiting suicide
[15:04] Joshua: and yet you said it with sooo much love
[15:04] Not-Mark: It's only 10%
[15:04] Joshua: oh
[15:04] Joshua: ok then
[15:04] Not-Mark: oh, and there's no cure
[15:04] Joshua: maybe I'm in the top 10% ;)
[15:05] Joshua: yeah I'm dead inside now
[15:05] Joshua: thanks for the warm fuzyy feeling
[15:05] Not-Mark: you always have been
[15:05] Joshua: gah!

...blah blah blah, she tells me how cool I am.....
Not-Mark: now I diagnose you as ODC
Joshua: you can't just learn new words then use them on me
Not-Mark: OCD
Joshua: no no
Not-Mark: and I'm dyslexic
Joshua: no
Joshua: just dumb :P
Joshua: hummm can I have OCD for boobies?
Joshua: or is that just normal guy thinking
Joshua: well non-gay thinking
Not-Mark: sure... you can have OCD for sex, so I guess you could have it for boobs too
Joshua: eh that works
Joshua: I'll take that one

So now you have to be nice to me. I have a problem (didn't I already say that?). I think the only way to get over it is for y'all to show me boobies.



Genuine said...

I say you took my words out of context :P dweeb. Don't you even have a boobie label?

Aunt Jackie said...

What about OCD for Googy?

Joshua said...

leave Googy out of this!

Genuine said...

That's better... put the whole story out there. Now, the next step is to admit you have a problem and get some help, okay?

Palm Springs Savant said...

love your blog...first time visitor here. stop by and say hi sometime

captain corky said...

I think I have OCD when it comes to booze and boobs.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I have OCD for boobs too. I just love em. And not just my own, though they are quite fabulous.

Tink said...

I would never show my boobies to a Schizophrenic, sorry. ;)

Joshua said...

Tink: I think this is when I say...

Pics or it doesn't count! ;)


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