Thursday, May 10, 2007

Magic Mountain

That is me on the left ;)

Yesterday I get to spend the day at none other than six flags Magic Mountain! Holy crap is was sooooo much fun. The pic above was taken from the Tatsu (duh ;) ) Here are some facts about that ride:
  1. Speed – 62 mph
  2. Height – 170 feet
  3. Elevation change – 263 feet
  4. Track Length – 3,602
  5. First drop – 111 feet
  6. Inversions – four
  7. Record-breaking 124-foot pretzel loop
  8. 103-foot flat spin
  9. 96-foot-tall Zero G roll
  10. 360-degree inline roll over Revolution
  11. Wraps the legendary Sky Tower
  12. Flight Time: 3.5 minutes

That has to be one of the freakiest rides I've gone on. So freaky we had to go on it again before we left the park. I also ended up getting so wet the the money in my wallet was wet! Twice! The ride is called Roaring Rapids. I can't believe how wet I got. Soaked all the way down to my boxers! It was just crazy. I can't wait to do it again! I just can't believe it cost $15 just to park my damn car! Just crazy.

We got to the part just before 11, it didn't even open 'til 10:30. By the time I picked up my friend and left it was 8:15. So it's a good little drive to get down there, but it is due south on the freeway. So it is very easy to get there. When I got back home I have put on a little over 500 miles! We didn't leave 'til 5:45 just before the park closes at 6.

Some of the rides lasted longer than the wait in line was! That was so cool. X was the longest wait, about 30 min. But, it is a cool ride!

oh yeah, my feet were still wet when I got home and took off my shoes! That is how wet I was!


whimsicalnbrainpan said...

Sounds like a blast!

Bardouble29 said...

Thats pretty damn wet...ewww prunie toes! lol


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