Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Degree or no degree? That is the question.

So I've been doing a lot and not doing much blogging. Not too sure what that is. It's not like I don't have stuff to blog about. Heck, last weekend I had knifes juggled over my tummy while I was on the ground. If that isn't something to blog about I don't know what is.

The latest essay I had to write was this:

The first draft of the argumentative essay should be entirely the writer's opinion, without any outside sources used. Based upon the course readings, lecture and class discussions, students will write a 500 to 750-word persuasive essay, arguing a specific point

That's all fine and dandy but, my opinion stopped at about 130 words. How the fuck am I going to come up with 500 words of filler?! That's just crazy talk. I've never been able to do that and it seems that I'm not about to start now. I should be working on my Annotated Bibliography right now. Only I'm getting all corn-fuzzed. So I came here. I wounder how many words I'll come up with here.

Here's my history with the English classes so far.

  1. English 25 (this is a high school - low level college English) -- A
  2. English 1a (the English I need for my BS degree) -- F
  3. Online English 100 (Associate of Science Degree in Marine Technology) -- soon to be an F

So I'm thinking I should just give up now. Toss in that white flag and just move on. Maybe I just wasn't cut out for a degree. I can still just get my Underwater welding certificate and call it good. That really is sounding good right about now.

Here is what I got so far and I think that is all I'm going to do tonight.

Annotated Bibliography

Darwin, Charles. “The Origin of Species”. P. F. Collier & son. 1909

I think I'm just going to drink this beer and play some city of heroes.
Maybe I'll even stop by a few other bloggers. It's kinda funny how that works. I don't leave as many comments, and the number of comments I get goes down. No biggie, not like I've been blogging all that much anyways. I do try to at least stop by every now and then.

P.S. 380 words


ShadowFalcon said...

hang in there dude, these days a degree is a baseline. You can do it!

The Lone Beader said...

When you are finally finished with school, you'll be proud of yourself. :)

captain corky said...

Hang in there pal. Drink a couple of beers if you need to unwind and start again tomorrow.

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

You can do it Chucky! Come on, don't tell me that you can't come up wit a couple hundred words of BS.

Chucky said...

I can't.

Short and to the point, that's how I roll! =)

Wizened Wizard said...

Is it something you need to do... or want to do... or feel that you ought to do... If it's NEED or WANT, then you can find a way to succeed if you really try. If you're taking English because somehow you think you OUGHT to do it, then motivation isn't on your side. You can obviously write, and methinks you could bullshit, so play the game and do the paper. Write what they want to read. 'Has to be easier (and shorter) than climbing Mt. Whitney, right?

Which leads me to: Thanks for sharing the photos of your climb. Beautiful place, and I got a kick out of the blistered feet. Now there's a reality show!


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