Wednesday, June 03, 2009

I want...

There is so much that I want to buy. There are other less fun items that I should be putting my money on. I should put and extra $200 on my truck payment. That is what I really should do. I also have rent due on friday. Blah! I just want to make more money.

I also want to buy a sat. radio thingy for my apartment. I spent just about $200 to get it all hooked up in my truck. Now I don't even use it. I think I will buy that. That way we can have some music in our apartment. Yeah, I think I just talked myself into buying that. When I get back to the beach I'll call up XM radio and see what the best deal I can get is. When I canceled they offered me a year for $77.

I got no clue why I keep looking up car GPS units. It isn't like I go on that many road trips. Hell, I don't even go driving all that much. I've almost spent 1/12 of the year out on this job alone.

Well in about 45 minutes it is time for lunch.

Well I'm already paying almost twice of what my truck payment is, so I guess it's ok to spend a little money on me sometimes :)

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