Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Fun with scammers!

Long story short. I know something was up.  and well here are some of the yahoo IMs that we've had. Names have not been changed :P

Chucky (2/24/2009 9:58:34 PM): How are you doing?
Kate Brooks (2/24/2009 9:59:31 PM): I'm sad right now and I don't think I will be able to make it home for my vacation this week again
Chucky (2/24/2009 10:00:23 PM): awwww
Chucky (2/24/2009 10:00:26 PM): sorry to hear that (see I care :P )
Chucky (2/24/2009 10:00:35 PM): how come you wont make it back?
Kate Brooks (2/24/2009 10:01:56 PM): I went to the bank here yesterday to cash my check and be able to buy my flight ticket home but I was told I have to get to the states before I could do that..they said this place is a third world country... (do people really believe this?)
Chucky (2/24/2009 10:03:26 PM): oh that sucks (I sooo know where this is going)
Kate Brooks (2/24/2009 10:07:13 PM): I don't know what to do again but I don't want to spend my vacation here...
Kate Brooks (2/24/2009 10:07:27 PM): this place really sucks
Chucky (2/24/2009 10:07:32 PM): yeah that would suck
Kate Brooks (2/24/2009 10:10:03 PM): I was able to borrow 550 from my frieds here and i was having 300 on me but the cheapest flight i could get from here goes for 1300 but I'm still short of 450 now.....
Chucky (2/24/2009 10:10:27 PM): oh ouch (wait for it)
Kate Brooks (2/24/2009 10:11:50 PM): I've tried everything but that is the only thing remaining for me to get outta here
Chucky (2/24/2009 10:12:42 PM): yeah, that sucks. I hope something can work out for you.
Kate Brooks (2/24/2009 10:13:59 PM): I was hoping you could just borrow me the remainig 450 and I will refund you as soon as I get there and be able to cash my check...
Chucky (2/24/2009 10:16:01 PM): yeah, I might be able to work that out  (LoL yeah right!!!!! I'm horrible)
Kate Brooks (2/24/2009 10:16:10 PM): ok
Kate Brooks (2/24/2009 10:22:19 PM): you there? (worried I might go some place...)
Chucky (2/24/2009 10:22:24 PM): yeah
Kate Brooks (2/24/2009 10:22:39 PM): what are you doing?
Chucky (2/24/2009 10:23:17 PM): just looking at e-mails
Kate Brooks (2/24/2009 10:23:27 PM): ok
Chucky (2/24/2009 10:25:17 PM): so where do you want the check sent to?
Kate Brooks (2/24/2009 10:29:42 PM): I was thinking you send the fund through western union money friends here said it's the reliable way of getting transfer money from the states...they said I should send it to their name and they will collect it through their passport...
Chucky (2/24/2009 10:30:41 PM): oh ok
Kate Brooks (2/24/2009 10:31:10 PM): maybe you send it to my name and I will collect it here with my passport
Chucky (2/24/2009 10:31:29 PM): yeah
Chucky (2/24/2009 10:33:14 PM): I'll do that tomorrow for you
Kate Brooks (2/24/2009 10:34:41 PM): you could probably need the address of the western union here...It's First bank of Nigeria Plc..No 2 trinity hospital road Abeokuta Ogun states, Nigeria
Kate Brooks (2/24/2009 10:35:19 PM): can you write it down ?
Chucky (2/24/2009 10:35:25 PM): I am right now (ummm sure I am)
Kate Brooks (2/24/2009 10:35:33 PM): ok
Chucky (2/24/2009 10:36:26 PM): how much do you need? (to get the amount I'm NOT sending right)
Kate Brooks (2/24/2009 10:37:00 PM): 450 to complete my payment for the flight ticket
Chucky (2/24/2009 10:37:08 PM): cool
Kate Brooks (2/24/2009 10:40:52 PM): I'm very grateful for this! thanks a lot..

I'm sure "she" is...  :P

Kate Brooks (2/25/2009 4:21:50 PM): Just wanna ask if you're able to transfer the fund.
Chucky (2/25/2009 4:22:14 PM): yeah, I just did that a few minutes ago
Kate Brooks (2/25/2009 4:22:33 PM): ok..thanks
Kate Brooks (2/25/2009 4:23:34 PM): Is there any info to receive it?
Chucky (2/25/2009 4:23:53 PM): none that was givin to me
Kate Brooks (2/25/2009 4:24:50 PM): ah..
Kate Brooks (2/25/2009 4:25:54 PM): but my friends said there will be a test question and answer, together with mtcn number..were you given any?
Chucky (2/25/2009 4:26:15 PM): I'll have to look
Kate Brooks (2/25/2009 4:26:23 PM): ok
Kate Brooks (2/25/2009 4:48:31 PM): Did you got it?
Kate Brooks (2/25/2009 4:54:24 PM): Well I guess you're busy right now, but I have to go to bed now...If you get it you can send it to my email inbox on, or send it as offline to me.

Maybe I should google some fake money order info and give it. WooHoo.


The Lone Beader said...

Good work. I cannot stand scammers. I used to get art scam emails a couple of years ago, but I am on to them! News flash. I don't just send my artwork to someone halfway across the world without confirming that the check they send me is valid. :/

Aunt Jackie said...

wow... bad bad bad, hahahahahaha

love it

Aunt Jackie said...

did u even know her??

captain corky said...

LOL! I'm surprised she didn't ask you for a kidney and some blood too.

Morpheus said...

I just ran into this girl as well - same exact email address and she tried to do the same thing.

Sad as hell...


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